It’s getting down to the wire, huh, folks?

Should you be in need of some inspiration, here are a few non-floral suggestions culled from the world-wide-web. Rush shipping is available from the bigger retailers, and there’s always the “better-late-than-never” approach (if your mom is flexible like that).

If you need to present something in person on Sunday, I recommend heading to your local art museum and checking out the gift store. I’ve found that they are often really great resources for lovely, unusual gifts.

AND, if all else fails…cook something delicious for the woman who birthed you! Check back tomorrow for an easy-to-assemble Mother’s Day breakfast/brunch menu.


tender hooks

For new moms, I strongly recommend Beth Ann Fennelly’s poetry collection, Tender Hooks. Written after the birth of her daughter, Fennelly’s poems are honest and touching but not overly sentimental. I bought this for my dear friend Katherine following the birth of her twins, and knew it was a good choice when she ordered six copies to send to all of her new-mom friends.

For mothers-in-law, check out The Body Shop’s Wise Woman skincare line. It’s been written up in a bunch of glamorous magazines, but more importantly, the 40-something and 50-something woman I’ve gifted these products to, swear by them (especially the Intensive Firming Mask!)

body butterFor pregnant ladies, I’ll endorse The Body Shop again, this time for their body butter. All kinds of good smells (or go with scent-free Vitamin E for women with sensitive skin), plus intense moisturization that helps prevent belly stretch marks. Throw in some bubble bath or shower gel for a nice package, or even a gift card so she can indulge. lemon platter

For kitchen goddesses, browse the Mother’s Day section of Sur la Table. I’m a big fan of this knife (comes with a free bamboo cutting board!), these beautiful, Italian baking dishes, this lovely lemon platter, & the fire-engine-red Cuisinart ice cream maker (which is on sale!)

bird spoons

For the quirky mom who has it all, check out The Spoon Sisters. They carry a random assortment of items, but there are gems to be found, the kind of items that make you think–hey, I know someone who needs that! Like the sky umbrella, the heart paper clips, the designer duct tape (I’m so not making this up), or these totally gorgeous bird-topped measuring spoons.

Last but not least, consider making a donation to a worthy organization in honor of your mom, aunt, grandmother, wife, step-mom, etc. Charitable contributions are often the first thing to be cut during “tough economic times” such as these, and of course we all know that they are needed now more than ever.

heifer There are many worthy causes out there, but may I humbly suggest Heifer International? Your donation will provide a worthy family with an animal (hive of bees, gaggle of geese, pair of goats) that can be used for food and profit. When the animals produce offspring, the recipient family “passes the gift” to another family in the community. Make a donation and design your own e-card to inform your mom that you’ve given in her honor to such a cool cause.

Anybody else have last-minute gift ideas to share?  Or plan-ahead ideas for next year?


  1. Lovely post, Nishta! Those spoons are adorable. Sending happiness vibes your way.

  2. Okay, my cell phone totally needs a bean bag to rest in, and I’m pretty sure you need some whisk earrings. It’s time to go shopping!

    I can tell that your blog is going to be dangerous to my budget.

  3. HI Bachajee,
    Excellent job once again. I especially like the recommendation feature. I lumee you so much. May Jai Ma protect you & bring you all sorts of success. I am alway thinking of you – mama

  4. hey nishta, your blog is beautiful! i know and love Beth Ann Fennelly and her writing…. great choice. i gave katie g. harris one of her books ( great with child) when she had louise!

    • bluejeangourmet

      M-K, thanks for viewing & taking the time to comment! I’ve added your site to my blogroll–I love your taste.

  5. So this is over a week late, but I’ve been catching up after vacation–awesome recommendations! I read Great with Child and tender hooks for the first time when Oliver was teeny and we were cooped up for weeks, and I found them so moving, funny, and brilliant. I can’t talk about the poems without being cheesy, but what a thoughtful recommendation on your part.

    • bluejeangourmet

      late or no, Christie, it’s really excellent to know that you endorse the Mama’s day recs–you know, since you’re a mama and all!

      thank you for coming by and reading around.

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