Is your fridge a scary place? Does everything you store end up coming out smelling like tuna-fish sandwiches? It may be time to get help.

Fridges aren’t actually supposed to smell like anything. They’re not! And if yours does, fear not. Baking soda is here:
baking soda change!
For less than a dollar, you can buy two of these guys. Throw one in the icebox (I just love that word, icebox!) and the other in the freezer. Change every two-three months to keep things smelling nice and neutral.*

Just a friendly reminder from your neighborhood Blue Jean Gourmet! We now return you to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

baking soda change! 2

*If that doesn’t do the trick, you may need to take a long, hard look at your food storage methods. Alas, Ziploc bags and plastic wrap, while convenient, do not provide a sufficent enough barrier for strong odors like garlic & onion. Invest in a few pieces of storage ware, or just wash and re-use jars, bottles, and plastic butter tubs, etc. Still got a funky-smelling-fridge? You may need to activate Operation: Wipedown, in which you 1) Remove everything from fridge (being sure to switch to warmest setting first). 2) Open & inspect all fridge contents. 3) Clean shelves, drawers, nooks, & crannies. 4) Return salvageable foodstuffs, dispose of the rest. 5) Bask in the sense of accomplishment & now-unoffensive-refrigerator smell!


5 responses to “A BLUE JEAN PSA

  1. Thanks for the reminder to clean out the fridge. Did a purge over the weekend, but need to do the “Operation: Wipedown”. Am really enjoying reading BJG! Keep up the good work!

  2. Baking soda doesn’t actually do a whole lot. If you really want to get rid of odors in the fridge and freezer, try a piece of activated charcoal. It REALLY makes a difference.

    • bluejeangourmet

      Ostrakos, thanks for visiting the site & for the tip about charcoal. Baking soda has always worked for me, but I can see how charcoal would make much more of a difference, especially with a stubborn smell!

  3. I buy a few of these each month. One for the fridge, and the other two in the freezers. I save the month old baking soda to use as a gentle but very effective non-scratching cleaning/scrubbing powder.

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