Ya’ll.  Please go buy this kitchen soap.  (It’s even on sale!)

coconut-lime-verbena soap

Come home and wash your hands.  Repeat.  It’s okay, you can repeat, because this stuff is so moisturizing and lovely that it won’t wear out even really sensitive skin like mine.  But even if you don’t repeat, the fresh, subtle scent will stay with you all day.  No, they’re not paying me to say this, although that would be nice.  It’s just that my friend Romy keeps this in her guest bathroom and I finally decided to buy some for myself and now I’m in love.  And when you’re in love, you just can’t keep it to yourself.

So, thanks.  You can go back to your lives now.  Be sure to come back tomorrow, though, for blackberry upside-down cake…oh yes oh yes oh yes.

3 responses to “A BLUE JEAN PSA–TAKE TWO

  1. and clean your countertops with this! another heavenly product…

    mrs meyers clean day countertop spray – lavender. so deliciously scented. you’ll be addicted fast.

    • bluejeangourmet

      ooh, I’ll have to try this, Emily–I’ve used some Mrs. Meyers products before, but always the lemon-verbena scent. when I become addicted to the lavender stuff, I’m blaming you!

  2. I love both this hand soap and Emily’s Mrs. Meyers recommendation. I’m obsessed. It’s the only thing that moves me to actually clean my kitchen counters. Or anything else in my kitchen. 🙂

    Also – the blackberry cake from the next entry looks fabulous!!!! Trying it soon, just in time to justify buying more parchment paper! 🙂 YAY!!

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